Your communications in safe hands

You’ve produced your brochure, book or ad and it’s now in its final layout. Perhaps you’ve had it translated too. The translation has been inserted, formatted and laid out and you’re about to send it to the printers.

But first you want to make absolutely sure no last-minute errors have crept in.

Last-minute checks

We proofread your English print-ready copy for:

  • spelling mistakes
  • punctuation mistakes and inconsistencies
  • grammar mistakes
  • word divisions (hyphenation) - see below
  • missing translations, where applicable
  • inconsistent headings
  • inconsistent use of capitalisation in headings
  • correct uses of apostrophes and more.

Different word division rules for different languages

The rules for word division (hyphens at the ends of lines) are not the same as in other languages such as German and Dutch. And what’s more, the rules for word division in British English are different again from those in US English.

Read our blog post for more information on how to check word divisions.