5 reasons why curiosity is a hallmark of a good translator

Curiosity has had a bad press for centuries. After all, curiosity killed the cat, right?

Do’s and Don’ts for sending your CV to translation agencies and outsourcers

Pitching for work can be a nerve-racking business. Competition is likely to be tough. Translation agencies often receive hundreds of CVs a week, and an outsourcer may well receive a lot of responses to their job post, so it’s important to make sure yours gets straight to the point and is relevant.

Participles - and how to stop them dangling

Some languages love nouns. And others love verbs. As any good translator knows.

Translaticisms – more examples of translation blindness

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to attend a day of the very excellent Translate in Cambridge French/English translation workshop as an observer. One of the seminars I observed was Canadian translation agency owner Grant Hamilton’s excellent discussion of Gallicisms.